Mid-America Sand Drag Series Rules **PDF Download**

Atoka Motorsports Park Rules


Top Alcohol: Unlimited, Must run on Methanol. *Races at Heartland Nats & Fall Fest ONLY*
Top Eliminator: Heads-up, 2.950 Index.
Pro 1 Cars: 4.50-Faster Dial. Bracket Class. Pro Tree.
Pro 2 Cars: 4.51-Slower Dial. Bracket Class. Full Tree.
Pro 1 Quads: 4.50-Faster Dial. Bracket Class. Pro Tree.
Pro 2 Quads: 4.50-5.94 Dial. Bracket Class. Full Tree
Pro 3 Quads: 5.95-Slower Dial. Bracket Class. Full Tree
Pro 4 Quads: Juniors 15 Years-Younger Age Kids class. No Time Constraints. Bracket Class. Full Tree. If you enter Pro 4, you cannot enter another class. *More Experienced*
Peewees: Juniors 15 Years-Younger Age Kids class. Bracket Class. Full Tree. *Less Experienced*

Entry Fees *Regular Race Events*
Pro 1 Cars - $40
Pro 2 Cars - $40
Pro 1 Quads - $40
Pro 2 Quads - $20
Pro 3 Quads - $20
Pro 4 Quads - $20
Peewees - $15
All Trophy Classes - $20

New Rules for 2012
- Once Eliminations begin, racers must finish eliminations with the same vehicle they started. There will be no switching of vehicles during eliminations allowed.
- Once racers have turned on the bottom stage light, the starter has the right to start the tree. If a racer backs out of the beam once the starter has activated the tree, they will receive a red light.
- After time trials & trophy class, racers are required to turn in their dial-ins immediately. Once the sheets go to the tower, you are late & will not have a dial-in.
- Once a racer is the next pair to race, they cannot change their dial-in for that pass.

Track Rules
- No drinking of alcoholic beverages & racing at the same time. If reported and confirmed, you will be DQ'ed.
- You must have your number clearly visible on your vehicle.
- Peewees will time trial and race all at one time. They will not time trial with other classes.
- You are responsible for your pit crew and guests. Safety first. Watch your kids.
- Atoka Motorsports Park is not responsible for accidents.
- Quads are for racing or tow back purposes only. NO joy riding.
- You may change your dial between rounds, but please do this in a timely manner as once your class has started it is too late.
- If the tower puts in a wrong dial, there will be an automatic re-run. If the mistake had nothing to do with the outcome of the race there will be no re-run.
- If you hit a cone, guard rail, or any timing system equipment you are disqualified. The end of the guard rail is the finish line. Slow down. 15MPH or less on the return road. Do not spin the tires in the shut down or dust the other racer.
- If you accidentally signed up in the wrong class, please change classes before they are laddered. Once they are set, you cannot change classes.
- Wait for the starter to turn the green light on to proceed to the starting line. Please wait for the light to turn GREEN.
- Any other administrative rules will fall under the guidelines of the National Sand Drag Association. Those rules are viewable at http://www.sand-drags.com/nsda-rules.